Pharom Ildacer was the elder surviving aquatic elf high mages in Myth Nantar and a member of the Nantarn Council.


Pharom was promoted to High Mage in 1341 DR after his masters the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark accepted new students. A key player in the Twelfth Serôs War, Pharom in flamerule 5 of 1369 DR met with the "Loreweaver" Pacys in order to had the bard's help in understanding of the Prophecy of Thurlathiirn. The High mages and Pacys went to Myth Nantar in marpenoth and thank to Pacys easily opened the barrier surrounding the city. There in uktar 11 Pharom and his fellow casted their magic that sent Iakhovas to the Outer Planes ending the war, but only Pharom remained alive. In hammer 8 of 1370 DR Pharom permitted to the malenti to settle in Myth Nantar.[2]


Pharom suffered the bad manner of his cousin Morgan Ildacer but he knew too well the need of diplomacy. He had always fascinated by the dukar magic and had start an exchange of spells with Lashyrr Maerdrymm in order to increase the respective knowledges.[1]



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