Phelas Urm was a merchant from Thentia by the Moonsea.[1][2][3]

Some time after the sinking of Valashar's Bane in 389 DR, he purchased the recovered Cormyrean state sword, Ilbratha, from a fellow merchant, Sevan of Amnwater, while in Scornubel, not realizing the blade's significance. Phelas took the sword with him as he traveled overland, passing through Cormyr, and the sword was recognized in Arabel.[2][3] In the Year of the Firstborn, 392 DR, agents of King Azoun I of Cormyr attempted to recover the sword, and Phelas panicked at being so hunted. Phelas was killed in the process., but the sword went missing again, either due to the confusion of the situation, or due to a corrupt agent stealing the blade.[2][3][1]


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