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Phelzel was a city in Semphar.[1]


The city of Phelzel was the second-largest in Semphar, about half the size of Dhaztanar, and a major trading city for that nation, primarily focusing on lumber from the Shalhoond. It was in Phelzel that lumber was finished, and shipped to other ports on the Gbor Nor.[1]

Due to its lumber industry, as well as being located along the lake, Phelzel was an important ship-building city, building many of the small boats and merchant vessels that sailed Gbor Nor's waters.[1]

Semphar law was poorly enforced in the city, with many illegal shops paying bribes to local government officials to get them to turn a blind eye to their operations. Because law was so poorly enforced here, a number of thieves guilds operated in the city, which in turn drew a number of mercenaries and wizards to the city as well.[1]

The nearby ruins of Bhaluin, also drew a number of adventurers to the city.[1]



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