Phezult's sleep of ages was a spell which created a protective sphere of suspended animation.[1]


After casting, a spherical stasis field would slowly expand out from the "spell focus" until it reached it's maximum spherical volume. Other than the caster, any other creatures in the sphere ran the risk of being placed in suspended animation. Although body functions of those trapped cease, they do not die, starve or age. Those in the sphere can be attacked or killed by conventional means, at which point their body will start to decay.[1]

Trying to contact a creature stuck inside the sphere using psionics or magic will yield no response, and the creature attempting the contact will find themselves in stasis for a short time.[1]

Individuals can be freed of the spell by casting temporal reinstatement or the reverse of this spell; Phezult's awakening.[1]


To create the "spell focus" required at least nine drops of the caster's own blood, The blood had to be smeared into an unbroken ring no large than the caster's hand. Six gems of at least 500 gp value then had to be placed inside the ring.[1]

The value of the gems power the sphere, with roughly a year of stasis being yielded per 10 gp of gem value. Removing gems will instantly end the stasis. Adding gems will extend the duration of the stasis.[1]


In -75 DR, under the leadership of a half-dwarf named Bryth Moonaxe, the Knights of the Crescent Moon voluntarily frozen in a Phezult's sleep of ages spell. They were released in 1370 DR.[2]


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