Phindar streeaka, meaning "mindless recklessness", was counted among the drow fighting styles but wasn't truly a technique. It was a catch-all phrase to describe berserker-like combat, and it lacked any kind of underlying order in its approach to combat.[1]


As the name "mindless recklessness" suggested, the fighting "style" was about mindless violence. Being used by berserkers, it lacked the concept of finesse, and all "skills" they used had nothing to do with intellectual combat theory but everything to do with brute force. This made some moves of the phindar streeaka "style" similar to the z'ress a'thalak style but unlike the former the latter was a product of real combat training.[1]


The style was used by drow berserkers. They didn't train in anything in particular.[1]


The "style" was used by the few berserkers in drow society and it was unpopular, because of its complete lack of finesse and its utter chaos was considered something of an welcome mirror on the true face of drow society as a whole.[1]

Only primitive and/or small drow communities sported a meaningful number of users, but it was popular among the followers of Ghaunadaur.[1]



Although unmentioned, this style is based on the Rage ability of the Barbarian class in 3.0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.


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