Phintarn, nicknamed "Redblade", was the lord of the town of Llorkh in the Savage Frontier in the 1350s DR.[2][3][4][1][5][6]


Phintarn was the last of the old lords of Llorkh. These were a succession of human rulers, often retired miners or warriors who'd earned the respect of the community who, it was said, would never have tolerated the Zhentarim in their town. However, shortly before the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR,[note 1] Phintarn was found dead at the foot of the Lord's Keep. He'd been murdered by the Zhentarim; this was unproved but widely suspected by the people.[2][3][4][1][5][6]

Overnight, the mage Geildarr Ithym seized the Lord's Keep and claimed the throne.[2][3][4][1][5][6] Soon after, four hundred "Lord's Men" arrived and in a handful of battles slaughtered all of the existing militia under the pretext that they were trouble-makers. The citizens found themselves under the "protection" of the Lord's Men.[4][1] Thus, Llorkh was quickly and quietly conquered by the Zhentarim and under the control of their puppet.[4][1][5]

Shortly after, Phintarn's brother died mysteriously one night, and his inn was razed the very next day.[4][1]



  1. The date of this unknown. Waterdeep and the North (dated 1357 DR) only says this was "recently", implying sometime in 1357 DR or shortly before.


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