Phthta Thak (pronounced "fith-ta thak") was a necromancer and inhabitant of the Battle of Bones.[1]


Phthta was a loner and a recluse, wishing nothing more than to be left alone to her work. Numerous traps and undead guarded her underground lair, which was located in the western mountains of the region.[1]


She wielded considerable necromantic magic as well as many protective and charming spells.[1]


She was known to carry a ring of polymorph self, a ring of fire resistance, a wand of animate dead, a gem of true seeing, and boots of climbing. Her familiar was an undead cat named Bones.[1]


Phthta's sole interest was in training her undead charges to work together so they could protect themselves from their natural enemies. She dealt mostly with ju-ju zombies.[1]



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