A phylactery of faithfulness was a useful item for divine spellcasters, in that it enabled the wearer to foresee how their actions would affect their connection to their deity.[1]


A phylactery of faithfulness was a small black box containing religious scripture, tied around the forehead by a leather cord. There was no way to determine precisely what function it performed until it was worn.[1]


Despite their usefulness, phylacteries of faithfulness were among the simplest and cheapest magic items to manufacture, available to virtually any divine magic spellcaster who could create wondrous items. To create a phylactery of faithfulness, the creator must cast detect evil, detect good, detect law, and detect chaos during the process.[1]


If the wearer of a phylactery of faithfulness took a moment to contemplate an action or item that may adversely affect his or her alignment and/or standing with their deity, he or she became fully aware of the consequences before performing the action.[1]

Notable OwnersEdit


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