Phylornel, also known as Buoyance, was a floating city of Netheril. Unlike many other such enclaves, it rarely moved from its location over the Netheril river, and was suspended only a short distance from the ground. When Karsus's Folly occurred in -339 DR, Phylornel fell into the river and was destroyed, but several of its citizens survived the relatively minor fall.[4]


The enclave was situated along the Netheril river, several miles south of the Narrow Sea.[2]


At the preference of its ruling archwizard, Buoyance, Phylornel floated roughly 200 feet above the surface—uncommonly low for a floating enclave. The city itself, crowned by several towers, was organized into a series of concentric circles, with the more important structures and personalities closer to the center. At the very center lay the personal quarters of Buoyance.[3]


Phylornel was created by the archwizard Buoyance in -1647 DR. Buoyance was a master of inventive magic, and spent most of his time maneuvering—with varying degrees of subtlety—against other powerful archwizards. Despite this, Phylornel remained stable and relatively stationary for most of its history. Buoyance eventually achieved lichdom, allowing him to rule his enclave for over a thousand years with no successors.[3]

When the archwizard Karsus's casting of Karsus's avatar resulted in the catastrophic failure of all magic,[5] Phylornel fell to the ground alongside the other enclaves of Netheril. Although the city's towers were destroyed, roughly 150 residents survived Phylornel's fall. Buoyance himself was also rumored to have survived.[4]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Buoyance, the tyrannical archwizard-turned-lich who founded and ruled Phylornel.[3]



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