Pil'it'ith was a sarrukh and the former Chosen of Sseth.[1]


Pil'it'ith was a very unusual albino sarrukh who was the last emperor of Okoth. He remained the leader of his race after the fall of Okoth.[1]

While in the Outer Planes, Pil'it'ith managed to find his creator god Merrshaulk. Pil'it'ith requested that he become the god's Chosen. For a time Pil'it'ith, led his people in wandering the planes in search for the right place to settle but only gained the enmity of the khaastas, so they went back to Okoth.[1]

There a crisis arose in 1358 DR when the Time of Troubles started and Sseth (the reborn Merrshaulk) stopped answering sarrukh's prayers. So Pil'it'ith decided to replace Sseth with the Mulhorandi pantheon god Set. Set agreed to become the new god of the sarrukh but in 1359 DR Set asked the sarrukh's help to bind Sseth into eternal slumber. Sseth tried to resist but the only action he managed to take was to strip Pil'it'ith of his Chosen status.

So the albino started to age again, despite being one of the oldest sarrukh alive. He remained the leader of his tribe and planned to one day regain his old power.[1]



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