The Pilgrims' Gate was one of the entrances into Huzuz, the City of Delights.[1]


The gate was located along the edge of the south central region of the city. Travelers through this gate were rewarded with a fantastic view of the Golden Mosque.[1]

This huge arch was locked by massive iron bars. These iron bars were decorated with a thin layer of gold, exemplifying the splendor of Huzuz to anyone who entered the city. Smaller wooden gates were seated within the archway.[1]


The Pilgrims' Gate provided immediate access to the South District and Affluent District.[2]


All caravans passing through this gate were searched by guards. Travelers of every type were allowed unbarred passage into the city. The gatekeepers were notorious for their ability to spot smugglers masquerading as pilgrims. They also took great honor and pride in their work, arresting anyone who attempted to make bribes.[1]

The Pilgrims' Gate closed every night at sunset, though admittance to the city was available to those who called out to the guards. Travelers allowed into Huzuz after the gates closed were given closer scrutiny.[1]



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