Piscaethces, The Blood Queen, is the creator of the aboleths. From her blood the Eldest was spawned. Aboleths depict her as a vast aboleth with no tentacles and with mucus the color of blood. According to Abolethic conceptions, Piscaethces travels the currents of probability between infinite realities, spreading her seed as she moves from one world to another. She never stays long on one Material Plane and is uncaring about her creations. The aboleths know that their creation was a cosmic accident that came about merely as a by-product of the interaction between the Blood Queen’s body and the material world and therefore they feel free to act like they want. Nevertheless, they honor Piscaethces by building large domed windows of red crystal within their architecture. Piscaethces strongly resembles the Outer God Shub-Niggurath[1] and the Great Old One Cthulhu[2], which are known from the writings of H. P. Lovecraft[3].[1]


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