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The Pit of a Thousand Voices was located within the fortress of Sarahin in the Haunted Lands.[1]


Winding tunnels and caves were scattered throughout the pit.[1]


The Pit of a Thousand Voices was reserved for holy slayers who committed vile crimes against the doctrines of their order. Holy slayers brought here were lowered into the pit, where a sound like a group of baying hounds and wailing moans greeted them.[1]


A gibbering mouther called Al-Bakbuk lived within the pit. It consumed anything lowered into the darkness, adding to its ghastly bulk.[1]

A pack of ghouls serving Akim al-Kalaas also lived within the pit, feeding on any scraps of flesh left by the gibbering mouther. The ghouls worshiped a living idol housed within one of the larger caverns.[1]



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