The Pit of the Ghuls was a dangerous valley in the High Desert of Zakhara.[2]


The Pit of the Ghuls was a deep valley surrounded by ring of granite cliffs. Many of the cliffs had their own passages that tunneled deep into the ground, providing an easy way for adventurers to get hopelessly lost. A constant stench of decay permeated the cliffs and pit, carried by the constant winds ripping across the desert.[2]

Salt water could be found here in the form of the Lake of the Ghuls, located in the northern section of the pit.[2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Rumor said that giant statues carved of gold, silver, turquoise, onyx, emerald, amber, and ruby could be found somewhere within the pit, but dangerous creatures proved more than a challenge for treasure seekers. The arm of a turquoise statue was successfully recovered and came to rest in Ajayib.[2]



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