The Plains of Purple Dust, was a vast windy desert located east of the Dragonsword Mountains on the edge of the region formerly occupied by Mulhorand[1] and the northern region of the Raurin desert.[2] The desert expanded in the century following the Spellplague.[3]

Geographic FeaturesEdit

The Plains of Purple Dust was covered with a purple colored dust[4] that radiated faint magic[1] and stony crags and rocky badlands.[2]

On the eastern Mulhorandi region of the continent of Faerûn, the sand has a lingering magical aura, so few people venture into its depths (although nomadic humans wander its western edges), Purple worms writhe and burrow through these wastes, while desert caverns ruled by lizard folk connect to the deeper dangers of the Underdark. This desert is thought to be the remnant of a magical battle between the deities of the ancient empires of Unther and Mulhorand.

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Dozens of ancient arcane towers made of purple stone could be found here.[2]



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