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Geographical information
Size 100,000 sq. mi. (Approximate)
Societal information
Races Humans, Brown dragons

The Plains of Purple Dust, was a vast windy desert located east of the Dragonsword Mountains on the edge of the region formerly occupied by Mulhorand[1]and the northern region of the Raurin desert.[2] The desert expanded in the century following the Spellplague.[3]

Geographic FeaturesEdit

The Plains of Purple Dust was covered with a purple colored dust that radiated faint magic[1]and stony crags and rocky badlands.[2]



  • The Grinning Skull-A large pool shielded by the skull of a great wyrm dragon.[1]
  • The Lonely Lake-The descendants of the wizard Nezram can be often found here[1]


Dozens of ancient arcane towers made of purple stone could be found here.[2]


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