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Plane shift was an alteration or conjuration spell that transported the caster and a few others to a different plane of existence.[1][2][3][4][7]


By means of this spell, the caster and up to seven other beings could be transported to a chosen plane or alternate dimension, including specific layers of multilayer planes. Willing subjects had to form a circle with the caster, holding hands or otherwise maintaining physical contact while the spell was being cast. The caster could also choose to send a single subject to a random location on another plane, but if the subject was unwilling, the caster had to successfully touch the target and the victim had a chance to resist the magic of this spell.[1][2][3][4][7]

The earliest version of this spell was quite accurate, placing the travelers at a specific location if desired.[7] Later versions had problems with accuracy,[1][3][4] with one version having a maximum error of 500 miles (800 km).[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the key to casting this spell was a forked metal rod of a certain size and composition that attuned it to the desired destination plane.[1][2][3][4][7] In some schools of thought, the size and metal type of the rod were crucial to guarantee the correct destination was reached,[2][3][4][7] but there may have been other ways to attune a given rod to a specific plane.[1]


In the time of ancient Netheril, divine spells were considered to come from the breath of gods and called "winds".[8] This spell was classified as being a Transcendent wind.[9]


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