Planetars (pronounced: /ˈplɑːnɛtɑːrzPLAN-eh-tarz[3]) were a race of angels inhabiting the celestial planes. They were the mighty generals of celestial armies that had also been known to help powerful mortals on missions of good, particularly those that involved battles with fiends.[4] Planetars were known to be in service to the deities Deneir and Ilmater.[5]


A planetar appeared as a handsome humanoid creature with blue or green skin. They had white-feathered wings, stood about 9 feet tall, and weighed about 500 pounds.[4]



A planetar slaying a fiend

Planetars were soldiers, first and foremost. They served as the generals of divine armies and sought to slay every evil creature set in their path. While they did understand the need for diplomacy, they preferred a straight battle to any other form of accomplishing a divine mission. Despite their vast array of magical powers, planetars were more likely to wade into melee with their powerful greatswords.[4]

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