Plant lance was a divine magic spell available to druids of Chauntea. It converted living plants into animated spears that flew at a target and attacked.[1]


This spell could be cast on living plants, from patches of moss or lichen to full-grown trees. When cast, it converted up to seven plants that were within 105 ft (32 m) of the caster into magical spears that flew toward one designated target and attacked in melee combat. Higher-level casters could create more spears and extend the range. The duration of the spell was four minutes, so each spear could attack up to four times before the spell ended. The caster could specify at the time of casting whether or not the plant lances should stop if the target died (thus preserving the corpse from further damage). When the spell expired, all the lances withered away to nothing.[1]

The druid did not have to concentrate on the plant lances after casting this spell. Each spear attacked with the skill of an accomplished fighter[2][3] and did triple the damage of a light crossbow bolt[4][5] upon a successful strike. The lances remained living plants for the duration of the spell and were subject to other spells that could affect living plants. For comparison purposes, each spear was equivalent to a +1 magical weapon.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required living plants, one per spear, that were consumed when the spell expired.[1]


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