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The Platinum Cadre was an order of dragonborn knights from Tymanther sworn to the service of Bahamut. Because they worship a dragon god they were outcasts in Tymantheran society[1] and wasn't uncommon that its members were expelled from their clans because of their beliefs.[2]


The Platinum Cadre professed that dragonborn weren't the creations of the dragons of Abeir, but instead were the ancient children of the dragon god Bahamut. As such, members of this group believed that not all dragons were evil, and actively worked to change the prejudices of the thymantheran dragonborn while seeking out for good dragons, in hopes of bridging the divide between them and the dragonborn.[3][4]


The order's priestess, Nala, claimed to be a priestess of Bahamut but was secretly a priestess of Tiamat. Because most dragonborn knew little about the gods of Toril, they were unable to distinguish the magic of Tiamat from that of Bahamut. Tiamat's power enabled the knights to use their breath weapons more often than most dragonborn. The order used its exceptional power to defeat the Ash giants who were attacking Tymanther even though other Tyamantheran troops were defeated by the giants.

Balasar exposed Nala as a Tiamatan and she fled to the Black Ash Plain and sought refuge with the green dragon Skuthosiin. Patrin was killed in a duel of honor with Medrash when he refused to acknowledge that Nala was really evil.[5]

Even though the lost of their leader and the discovery of Tiamat's influence was a heavy blow to the Platinum Cadre's reputation, its members remained faithful to Bahamut and with the guide of their new leader, Vishva, and the paladin Medrash, they still served in the army of Tymanther. Even if reluctantly, the Tymantheran recognized the members of the Platinum Cadre as some of the best warriors their country had to offer.[2]


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