Polearm masters are fighters who have trained to become specialists in the use of polearms such as spears or halberds. These individuals gain a combat advantage through the reach of their weapons and the ease of use, though at the cost of learning to use other melee weapons effectively. However, the benefits of polearms are impressive and polearm masters are effective guardians as well as deadly adversaries.[1]

Because of their ease of manufacture and relative ease of use when compared with many more complex weapons, polearms are commonly used throughout the world and entire military units as well as many city watches use polearms as their staple weapon. This does not make polearm masters any less skilled, however, and in the hands of true experts, the lethality of a good polearm can be without parallel. Nor are polearm masters by any means common, as true mastery of a polearm can only come from advanced training and long experience in its use, something that few warriors obtain. Those that do become true masters of their weapon are fearsome adversaries, both keeping their enemies at bay as well as sweeping through those without the sense to back off.[1]


Polearm masters gain several abilities through training and experience. One of the key qualities of their fighting style remains their capability for reach and polearm masters learn early on how to extend this reach through quick and precise lunges as well as to use this ability to force their enemy around the battlefield. More experienced polearm masters also learn to use their weapon to interrupt enemy attacks and movements, controlling the battlefield through long and powerful sweeps and jabs.[1]

The exploits of a polearm master have a similar focus on using the polearm to control enemy movements. The leveraging strike technique allows polearm masters to push and jab their foes around the field of combat through precise attacks. Likewise, the more advanced polearm sweep technique helps to clear the master's immediate vicinity of foes. In order to increase their opportunity to these attacks and lesser techniques, polearm masters learn early on to take a wide stance that gives them more flexibility in their attacks.[1]


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