Port Nyanzaru[note 1]) was a port in northern Chult that was an Amnish colony until at least 1479 DR,[1] but gained independence sometime in the late 1480s DR.[3] It was the major trading center for all of Chult.[4]


The small port city was located on the Bay of Chult at the mouth of the River Soshenstar.[4]


By 1479 DR, Amn controlled all mercantile activities in the city, and people unaffiliated with a trading company were forced to live in shantytowns outside the walls.[1]

Sometime in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the city won its independence from Amn due to the influence of a consortium of Chultan traders backed by the Triceratops Society. With help from the Society, the traders then rose to the title of merchant princes and ruled the city in a council where each had equal vote.[3]

By the late 1480s or early 1490s DR, the seven merchant princes of Port Nyanzaru were:[3]


The port was protected by a high stone wall[1] and designed with defense as a priority, due to the many pirates in the waters of the Shining Sea.[4]


While unconfirmed, it was thought that the harbormaster in control in the late 14th century DR paid tribute to a powerful dragon turtle living in the Bay of Chult. In exchange for this monthly pay, the dragon turtle kept all other sea monsters from harming the port and hindering trade.[4]


The Triceratops Society was very active in Port Nyranzaru, controlling the unloading and loading of all cargo at the docks. They kept tabs on all visitors coming ashore, especially if a visitor was suspected of being a mage or carrying magical items. If the visitor headed off into the jungle, the Society would send agents to notify the surrounding villages.[4]



  1. The spelling is "Nyanzaru" in all written sources until Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide but is spelled "Nyranzaru" on the map that came with Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. In Tomb of Annihilation the city is again spelled "Nyanzaru", which implies that "Nyranzaru" was simply a misspelling.



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