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Active portal
by Matt Wilson.

Portals are permanent teleporation effects that link many places in and outside Toril, including other planes.[1] The devices riddle Toril, numbering in the thousands easily, though none have ever been able to determine the exact number of active portals, even in Faerûn alone.[citation needed]

A freestanding archway of some kind usually identifies the location of a portal, so those who cannot detect magical auras do not stumble into them accidentally. The portal itself is completely intangible.[1]


The elfgates are portals that can teleport things to and from Evermeet.

Elion to Evereska 
One side of this gate is on a hill about a mile above the palace of Seiveril Miritar near Elion in northern Evermeet. It is in a broad glade and consists of three old stone markers.[2] The other side is a plaza in Evereska.[3]
Moonwood to Evereska 
The Evereskan side of this gate lies high in the northern Shaeradim surrounding Evereska, and consists of a stone marker covered in Espruar runes beside a waterfall beneath a stone cliff. The other side of the gate used to link to a northerly outpost of Sharrven before it became a ruin.[4]

Bakhara SpiresEdit

Main article: Bakhara Spires

Teleportation Spires created by the Imaskari.

Elemental vorticesEdit

Elemental vortices were pathways connecting elemental planes with one another[5] or the Prime Material Plane[6].

Time gatesEdit

Much rarer than normal portals, a few time gates existed throughout Faerûn. They were physically similar to other portals, but transported an indivdual not through space, but into a different time.[7]


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