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Geography of Abeir-Toril
Although the main focus of the Forgotten Realms is undoubtedly the continent of Faerûn, you can explore any of the other charted continents on this fascinating planet. Dive into a richly detailed world established over many decades, using the comprehensive collection of articles here.
Regions of Faerûn
Official political map of Faerûn (a geography map with political borders) was first published in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition. It is relative to the year 1372 DR. The map was updated to year 1373 DR in the Player's Guide to Faerûn. The following is the second revision of the map.

Note: For a non-clickable image and copyright status, see File:Faerun political.jpg.

Moonshae IslesNelanther IslesThe NorthSilver MarchesThe NorthSword CoastSword Coast NorthWaterdeepWestern HeartlandsAmnHigh ForestLantanTethyrWeldathChultAnaurochEmpire of ShadowsCormyrCalimshanDragon CoastThe RideMoonseaDalelandsSembiaVilhon ReachLake of SteamTashalarVaasaDamaraGreat GlacierThe VastInner SeaNarfellRashemenGreat DaleImpilturTheskAglarondHordelandsThayMulhorandChessentaUntherSmoking MountainsChondalwoodThe ShaarGolden WaterLuirenGreat RiftDambrathHalruaaLapaliiyaFaerun political
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Rivers: Arkhen
Areas: AglarondAkanûlAltumbelChessentaChondalwoodHigh ImaskarMulhorandMurghômThayTymantherUnther
Towns & cities: AirspurCimbarDjerad ThymarEltabbarGheldanethMessemprarPort GhaastSkyclaveSkuldVeltalar
Features: Dragonjaw MountainsThaymount MountainsYuirwood
Rivers: AdderClearflowRiver of the DawnRiver of Swords
Areas: ChultLapaliiyaSamarachTashalarThindol
Towns & cities: MezroNarubelTashluta
Features: Jungles of ChultValley of Lost HonorWild Coast
Rivers: Samar
Areas: Border KingdomsDambrathGreat RiftHalruaaLake of SteamShaar
Towns & cities: AlamontyrCathyrDerluskHalarahhRethmar
Features: Bandit WastesForest of AmlarHills of the Dead KingsMisty Vale
Rivers: HelarMaeruRithTumblestone River
Areas: DurparEstagundLuirenUlgarthVar the GoldenVeldorn
Towns & cities: BeluirChavyondatVaelan
Features: LluirwoodGiant's Belt MountainsGurna mountainsRaurin
Rivers: GundanLiontongue


Areas: Tayanuchi Lands
Towns & cities: ArgistikhinPalace of BalinaikalPalevashTomyris Features: Ama BasinKoryaz MountainsMountains of AmaraYellow SeaWu-Haltai
Areas: TabotPlain of Horses
Towns & cities: BhulanHulan
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Areas: Shou LungT'u Lung
Towns & cities: AusaBanangDurkonHachoniKaratinKirinKuo Te'LungLinshungMishanPendir ChaoShangtouShinmeiTo'mingTsingtaoWaiYenchingYentai
Features: Bang zi Mara ShanCelestial SeaHai JungleKrashatai MountainsQuoya DesertTaotie Cliffs &bull Yao Guang Swamp
Rivers: Ch'ing Tung RiverHungtse River
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Towns & cities: AruChozawaDojyuFochuJasugaMasakadoNakamaruTu PeUwajiXi Huang
Features: Sea of ConflictSea of HopeSea of KozakuraSea of Long Morning
Areas: Kuong KingdomMalatraPetan
Features: Forbidden HillsHimasla MountainsIntan MountainsJambu DweepamJungle of Lost TribesKokaha SteppesLarang MahasarpaRayanna SavanannaYaku Plains


Areas: Corsair DomainsFree Cities of Zakhara
Cities: HafayahHawaLihamMulukQadibQudraUmaraUtaqa
Haunted Lands
High Desert
Cities of the Heart
Cities: HalwaHiyalHuzuzWasat
Ruined Kingdoms
Areas: AfyalSahu
Cities: DihlizKadarastoMedina al-AfyalRog'osto
Pearl Cities
Cities: AjayibGanaJumlatSikakTajar
League of the Pantheon
Cities: FahhasHilmHudidI'tirafMahabbaTalab
Crowded Sea
Areas: AfyalJazayir al-SartanBariyaDjinni's ClawsHarabIslands of the Utter SouthNada al-HazanSahuSteaming Isles

Other continents
In addition to Faerûn, other continents on the planet Abeir-Toril have been populated.
The oriental continent to the east of Faerûn.
A "new world" setting on a continent far to the west of Faerûn. The Spellplague transported Maztica to Abeir.
Returned Abeir 
A continent from Abeir that appeared in the location formerly occupied by Maztica after the Spellplague.
South of Faerûn, an arabian-inspired continent detailed in the Al-Qadim setting.

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