Poshtli was one of the Eagle Knights of Nexal.[1]


Poshtli was the nephew of Naltecona and one of his wisest advisors.[1]

In 1361 DR, Poshtli sensed something was wrong and went in search of answers. After a stop at the House of Tezca, where he received a vision from the Sunstone, he went to Ulatos in time to save Erixitl's life from one of the Ancient Ones.[1]

He befriended both Erixitl and Halloran and together they decided to work for peace between Nexal and the Golden Legion, which had just arrived from Faerûn.[1]

Poshtli went back to Nexal but thanks to the plots of the worshipers of Zaltec, a battle was fought between the legionaries and Nexalans. Afterward, Naltecona decided to submit to the Legion's leader Cordell. When Naltecona was taken hostage by the legionaries, Poshtli was named substitute regent.[2]

With the help of Erixitl and Halloran, Poshtli tried to free his uncle, a key player in stopping Zaltec's plots, but they failed and so started the Night of Wailing.[2]

Poshtli survived and helped lead the column of refugees. He joined Halloran's party at Twin Visages and was decisive in killing both Coton and Darien, banishing both Zaltec and Qotal from Maztica.[3]

At last he decided to live in the new city of Tukan.[3] As of 1362 DR, Poshtli was the war leader of Tukan.[4]



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