Power word, kill was a conjuration spell that killed one tough subject or many weak ones.


When earlier versions of power word, kill were uttered, the caster could either target a single creature or let the spell affect a group.

If power word, kill is targeted at a single creature, that creature dies if it has 100 or fewer hit points.

If power word, kill is cast as an area spell, it kills creatures in a 15-foot-radius sphere. It kills only creatures who have 20 or fewer hit points, and only up to a total of 200 hit points of such creatures. The spell affects creatures with the lowest hit point totals first until the next creature would put the total over the limit of 200. (Creatures with negative hit points count as having 0 hit points.)

The post-Second Sundering version of the spell could no longer kill multiple targets at once, but could still kill a single creature instantly, provided it was not extremely powerful.[2]


The spell required only a verbal component.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Xanad in -683 DR and was originally called Xanad's killer.[1]


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