Prath Baenre was a young drow wizard of House Baenre in Menzoberranzan.[1]


Prath was described as very stocky. He was very loyal to Gromph Baenre, slicing his own pinky finger when a piece of flesh was needed for a spell during the Siege of Menzoberranzan.[2]


Circa 1372 DR, Prath was in his first year of study at Sorcere.[1] Along with the other mages of House Baenre, he aided Gromph in attacking Nimor Imphraezl through a scrying crystal. His magic missile spell was reflected back on him, nearly killing him.[3]

Soon afterwards, in order to allow him to infiltrate House Agrach Dyrr to destroy the phylactery of the Lichdrow Dyrr, Gromph disguised himself as Prath and disguised Prath as Gromph. Gromph chose Prath over Nauzhror Baenre in part because he was worried that Nauzhror would get delusions of grandeur.[4]




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