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Praxasalandos was a mercury dragon who lived in the Dragonsword Mountains in High Imaskar. He was a participant in the draconic game of Xorvintaal and was allied to the green dragon Gestaniius. Prax was tasked with guarding the system of caverns that led through the mountains to the Plains of Purple Dust. He ambushed a party led by Khouryn Skulldark and Medrash in the tunnels and succeeded in separating the party into two groups. Medrash performed an exorcism on Prax which cleansed him of the taint of Tiamat he had acquired from Xorvintaal.[1]

Prax then allied himself with Medrash and helped to kill Gestaniius. He carried Medrash and several others back to Luthcheq where they arrived just as the Battle of Luthcheq was beginning. Prax fought bravely in the battle but was killed by Tchazzar.[1]


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