Prestidigitation is a minor cantrip learned by wizards with varying effects. When a wizard casts prestidigitation he can choose any number of effects to occur, any of which must be within ten feet of the caster. Prestidigitation might allow a wizard to move an object of less than one pound, create a small sensory effect, clean or soil items withn one cubic foot, light or snuff out a small light source, chill or warm a pound of non-living material, make a small mark or symbol appear on a surface for an hour or less, produce a small item or image out of nothingness, or make a small, handheld item invisible for a short moment. Like all cantrips, prestidigitation can be cast as many times as the wizard desires, though this was not true prior to the Spellplague, when it was also castable by bards and sorcerers.



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