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Prime Underdark Guide
A Prime Underdark Guide
Prime Underdark Guide
Region The Underdark
Used by Bards, Rangers, Rogues
Game Edition Ud 3.5

Source: Underdark (p.40)

The Prime Underdark Guide is a prestige class of the Underdark. These individuals serve to bring parties of travelers through the dangerous tunnels of the Underdark, keeping them alive in perhaps the most dangerous environment within (or rather, under) Faerûn. It is this danger that has made the Prime Underdark Guide such a remarkable job, since the most experienced guides have a danger sense that seems truly magical.

Prime Underdark Guides not only aid travelers in surviving the act of traveling the tunnels of the Underdark, they also help surpass any hurdles that come from conflicting or dissimilar culture practices, which can prove just as fatal to a group of adventurers as any unseen, slavering monster that hungers for fresh meat.

Abilities Edit

Danger Sense
Much like a rogue, a Prime Underdark Guide can sense hazards that may prove a danger to himself and the group he is leading. As he gains experience as a guide, this innate sense becomes even stronger.
Underdark Traveler
A Prime Underdark Guide has gained considerable experience dealing with many different groups of the Underdark's denizens as well as listening to the stories of older guides. These is a considerably less chance of any unfortunate mistakes of culture or inflection when a Prime Underdark Guide is around to handle the tension between a band of humans and hungry kua-toa.
Danger Warning
A veteran Prime Underdark Guide has developed his Danger Sense to such an acute degree that those he travels with seem to gain the ability to use it themselves while they're around him.

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