Quote? You desire a quote? The One and the Prime does not give 'quotes'.
  — Primus to a record keeper of the Fraternity of Order

Primus, The One and the Prime was the immortal ruler of Mechanus and the modrons. He was godlike in power while in his realm.


Primus was considered a greater deity in Mechanus. His power over the modrons was absolute. All modrons obeyed the orders of Primus and carried out his plans. He was totally immune to all magic, and could issue telepathic commands to all modrons on Mechanus.


Primus, although godlike, could be killed. Whenever slain, the highest-ranking secundus modron was promoted to his position and became the new Primus.In the modern society absolute law was committed by all modrons with the rare exception of a rogue. [1]


Primus and his distinguished position among the modrons were known in the Realms at least since the discovery of the plane of Mechanus by Netherese archmage Lady Polaris around -346 DR.[2]



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