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Prince of Lies novel
Cover of Prince of Lies (reissue).
8539 (original)
964510000 (reprint)
Prince of Lies
Basic Information
Author(s) James Lowder
Publisher TSR, Inc. (original)
Wizards of the Coast (reprint)
Type Novel
Realm year(s) 1368 DR[1]
Binding Mass Market Paperback /
Mass Market Paperback
Released August 1993
Reprinted September 2003
Pages 376 (original)
384 (reprint)
ISBN 1-5607-6626-3 /
ISBN 0-7869-3114-0
Series Avatar series
Preceded by Waterdeep
Followed by Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad

Prince of Lies, by James Lowder, is the fourth book of the Avatar series.

Revenge of a God.

The Time of Troubles is at an end, and the gods have been restored to their rightful places.

The soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, former lover of the goddess of magic, remains hidden from the mad god Cyric.

The will of one such as Cyric, when bent on revenge, is not so easily thwarted.


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