The Prism of Kushk was a magic item that could be found in the city of Kushk in the Hordelands.[1]


The Prism of Kushk was actually a large triangular diamond that measured one foot (30 cm) on each side.[1]


Light shown through the bottom of the diamond, creating a prism of six different colored beams of light. Each of the beams exited through the tip of the diamond. Any living creature caught by the beams of light exiting the prism suffered harm based upon the type of light that created the beam.[1]

The different light forms are listed below. The severity of the harm they caused increased from top to bottom:[1]

  • natural light caused no effect
  • light from low-powered spells or glowing weak magical items
  • light from mid-range spells or magical items
  • light from powerful spells or magical items

It should be noted that spells that created a prism effect could not be used upon the Prism of Kushk. Some of these included rainbow pattern and color spray.[1]

When struck by the prism's beams, a victim suffered physical harm. There was also a chance that their soul would be sucked into the prism. This was more likely to happen when a stronger beam was created. The prism could only hold one soul at a time. A new soul entering the prism would instantly release a previously held soul. Casting a darkness spell on the prism also had a chance of releasing a trapped soul so long as the power of the spell was equal to the spell used to create the beam that trapped the soul to begin with.[1]

Someone holding the Prism of Kushk who wished to use it to attack another needed only to have them in their line of sight.[1]



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