Programmed illusion, also called programmed image,[3][7] was an illusion spell that created a visual and audible manifestation when conditions specified by the caster were met.[2][4]


The caster programmed an illusion no larger than a cube 30 ft (9.1 m) on a side within a range of 120 ft (36.6 m), and specified the conditions upon which it would manifest. The spell remained in effect until dispelled, and the illusion remained invisible until the triggering conditions were met. At that moment, the illusion would appear and perform as the caster described upon casting the spell. Once the illusion finished performing its programming, it would disappear and became ready to be triggered again within 10 minutes.[2]

As with other spells of this type, such as minor illusion, silent image, and major image, the illusion was not solid and could not be interacted with through touch. Once a creature realized that it was an illusion, its hollow nature became obvious.[2]


The spell required verbal, somatic and material components. The materials required were a bit of fleece, as was the case with other spells of this type, and additionally 25 gp worth of jade dust, which was not consumed by casting the spell.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Kutson in -1241 DR and was originally known as Kutson's programmed illusion.[1]



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