Prophet of Moonshae, by Douglas Niles, is the first book in the Druidhome trilogy, which follows the events of the Moonshae trilogy.

The Ffolk have forsaken their goddess, the Earthmother, and have turned to the new gods to protect them. Now, capricious and malevolent, one of the new lords has turned the worship of the Ffolk against them. It falls to the royal daughters of High King Tristan Kendrick to confront the evil that now threatens their land.


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Characters Edit

Alicia KendrickKeaneTavishDeirdre KendrickTristan KendrickRobyn KendrickNewtEarl BlackstoneCurrag BlackstoneGwyeth BlackstoneHanrald BlackstoneGothaBrandon OlafssonSythissalNuvaSvenyird OlafssonSigurdThe ProphetTalosKaffaLarthWulthaMalawar/Coss-Axell-SiniothKnaffDanrakYakLoinwrapMeghanMikalPetite IsoldeKileBeaknodDagusBackarWarlock (dog)Pryat Wentfeld


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