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Prophet of Moonshae

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Prophet of Moonshae
Prophet of Moonshae
Basic Information
Author(s) Douglas Niles
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Novel
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Released March 1992
Pages 320
ISBN 1-56076-319-1
Series Druidhome trilogy
Preceded by Moonshae trilogy
Followed by The Coral Kingdom

Source: product detail

Prophet of Moonshae, by Douglas Niles, is the first book in the Druidhome trilogy. It is the sequel to the Moonshae Trilogy. Its cover art is by Clyde Caldwell.

The Ffolk have forsaken their goddess, the Earthmother, and have turned to the new gods to protect them. Now, capricious and malevolent, one of the new lords has turned the worship of the Ffolk against them. It falls to the royal daughters of High King Tristan Kendrick to confront the evil that now threatens their land.

Summary Edit

Talos sent Coss-Axell-Sinioth to the moonshae islands, to bring chaos. He tempted princess Deirdre Kendrick and others to cooperate with his schemes. Meanwhile Earl blackstone came to his king Tristan Kendrick with a plan to get more gold and to destroy the sick moonwell and the Earl of Fairheight. Princess Alicia Kendrick and her friends move to check the moonwell. After the visit to the moonwell and found memoir of the goddess Earthmother the party meet northmen in a tense meeting which conclude with hospitality by the northmen.

Characters Edit

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