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Protanther was a gold dragon who gathered metallic dragons to discuss the menace of the Cult of the Dragon and Tiamat during the time of the Tyranny of Dragons.[2]


Protanther was once the King of Justice, king of all gold dragons, but at one point he resigned from his post in favor of Lareth.[3] During the Tyranny of Dragons, he gathered metallic dragons of all kinds in the Nether Mountains to form a council to discuss what they would do about the resurrection of Tiamat in the Prime Material Plane. A band of adventurers sent by the Council of Waterdeep convinced him to ally with the humanoid races to stop the Cult's plot.[2]


Protanther did not like the humanoid races. He thought that the humanoids attained too many powers in a very short time without developing the wisdom to use them judiciously. For this reason he believed the humanoid races were dangerous. He also saw that many of the most blighted creatures in the world, like the tieflings and yuan-ti, were the product of humanity's poor wisdom. Protanther forgave humanity because their short lifespan was an impediment, but he did not give the elves the same leniency. They were the creators of the abominable Dracorage mythal and he believed they acted worse than the short-lived humans.[2]



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