Protection from chaos was an abjuration spell that created an aura around the target that shielded against mental and physical attacks by chaotic creatures.[1][2] This spell was not reversible,[2] but a counterpart called protection from law was known.[1]


The newer version of this spell functioned exactly like protection from evil except the bonuses and benefits applied to attacks from the minions of chaos.[1] The older version of this spell treated summoned creatures slightly differently; they specifically had to be chaotic in alignment, so this version of the spell did not protect against all summoned and extraplanar creatures, just the chaotic ones.[2]


For the newest version of the spell, in addition to verbal and somatic components, the caster had to draw a 3 ft (91 cm) circle around the recipient using powdered silver.[1] For the older version, the caster needed a small ring of gold or lead that had been tempered by a chaotic smith.[2]


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