Ptola was a doppelganger and a senior member of the Unseen in Waterdeep in 1370.[1] and 1372.[3] Ptola's area of activity was primarily Undermountain.[1]


Ptola was a cold and scheming creature, with a habit of torturing its victims before killing them and taking their identities.[2]


In 1372 DR, Ptola discovered and eliminated Jurisk Ulhammond, a leader of the Red Sashes in Waterdeep. The identity of Jurisk was stolen by the shapeshifter but Hlaavin, the leader of the Unseen, was undecided about what to do with their newfound position and what Jurisk knew about Durnan.[3]


Ptola's roster of identities included Kamlann, a member of the Dungsweepers' Guild; Murklar, a penitent hunchback and janitor of the Wyvern's Rest inn; Thurn Blackskull, a duergar fence in Skullport (having replaced the real Thurn Blackskull); and Wendyll Thintoworth, one of the two half-elf members of Mask's Conscripts.[1]



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