Punakha Dzong was a fortified monastery located in the Growing Mountains on the Katakoro Plateau in the Hordelands.[1]


Punakha Dzong was built atop a large column of rock. Sheer rock walls with hundred foot drops protected the monastery from attack on three sides. The fourth side of the monastery abutted the mountain as it rose into the sky.[1]


Built long before the Kao invasions, Punakha was an ancient fortress built during a time when followers of the Path warred against one another. It changed hands frequently during turbulent times, maintaining its reputation for strength and independence.[1]


During the 14th century DR, Punakha was inhabited by worshipers of Cyric (whom they knew as Dhulvarisatta), who promised them great power and conquest if they made sacrifices to him.[1]

The followers of Cyric allowed groups of travelers to stay since it helped spread the false word that Punakha was hospitable. The priests took every opportunity to spread the word of Cyric to these travelers, claiming he was misrepresented by the other religions in the area.[1]

Lone travelers were apprehended on the spot and thrown into the dungeons until Cyric had dark uses for them.[1]



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