A purple dragon ring is a brass ring inscribed with the purple dragon symbol of the Obarskyr royal family, and they are usually worn by the Purple Dragon Knights to protect the royal family from harm. By 1372 DR it has been reported that over 4000 of these rings had been made.[1] If this ring is worn on the same hand as a commander's ring, they are treated as one ring.[2]


  • The ring has the ability to produce a magical light source up to 40' (12m) away. This light source will last up to about 10 minutes.[1]
  • The ring also can be activated to detect poison in gases, liquids and solids that it comes into contact with. It glows a golden-green colour if poison is present.[1]
While activated, it will also glow bright blue if placed in contact with anything "enchanted".[1]


These rings have been reported as being around 2000 gold pieces each. [citation needed] Other reports record thier value at around 4000 gold pieces.[1]

Known Owners or UsersEdit


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2nd Edition D&D

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