The purple worm is akin to an enormous (5 feet wide and tall and 80 feet long) and bizarre earthworm.


As its name implies, it is a deep purple color, with a pale yellow underbelly. Separating its yellow part from its purple part are hard crests going down its sides. It is well armored and segmented. One end ends in a large toothed mouth with slit-like eyes above it and dragon's ear-like limbs at the sides, and while many worry about falling into the worm’s mouth, they often forget about the creature’s tail, which ends in a poisonous paralytic stinger. It is often depicted as bursting out of the ground and arching itself in a distinct pose. Purple worms cannot speak.


Purple worms spend their time burrowing through the underground and seek to consume any organic matter they find. Their favored and most feared method of attack is swallowing prey whole. Many groups of adventures have succumbed to such a fate, disappearing down a Purple Worm's gullet one after the other. They can also attack with their tail stinger, and by grabbing and grappling with prey.


Purple worms exist deep within the earth. Purple worms lair in vast underground caverns when they have consumed too much and digest while they rest.


They are regarded as neutral in alignment, since their aggressive nature is the result of instinct rather than evil maliciousness.


There are varieties of purple worms that are known to live in lakes or desert plains. These creatures have a color variation that allows them to blend in with their respective environments.


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