Qorrash (singular qorrashi) were genies of cold and ice.[1]


Qorrash were elemental creatures native to the Plane of Air. They had blue skin, which was always covered in thick frost, because a perpetual aura of bitter cold always emanated from their bodies. They had white hair. Males were often bald and sported fancy goatees; females wore their hair long. A typical qorrashi stood over ten feet (300 centimeters) tall and weighed about half a ton.[1]


Qorrash had such a strong connection to ice that they could walk on any surface of ice—even upside down. Like other genies, they had a wide assortment of inherent magical powers, including but not limited to the ability to turn invisible, to summon a storm of ice, to turn into a gaseous form, and to walk on the wind. A qorrashi could create food and water and other items and generate powerful illusions. They could blast a cone of cold from their palms, and anyone struck by one of their blows would suffer a severe chill that could lead to frostbite.[1]

Like all genies, qorrashi had darkvision and could plane shift to the elemental planes, the Astral Plane, or the Prime.[1]


Qorrash usually spoke Auran, Celestial, Common, and Ignan. They were also telepathic.[1]


Qorrashi enjoyed fighting more than djinn did. They were confident in battle, yet they still used their magic to weaken their foes from a distance before closing in. If badly injured, they were not too proud to retreat.[1]


The qorrash were distantly related to the djinn.[1]

Qorrash shared a special relationship in the governance of the ancient giants of the Jhothûn Empire.[2]

Notable QorrashEdit



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