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A quaggoth is a bear-like inhabitant of the Underdark. Originally believed to have been bred by drow magicians as a slave race, the quaggoth have escaped and filled thier own niche in the Underdark. The origin of quaggoths is unknown. Some sages claim that they were once a semi-civilized race which dominated much of the Underdark through conquest and ritual sacrifice, until the drow, duergar, and other races broke their power. Others speculate they had some sort of civilization on the surface and were driven underground; this theory is supported by the quaggoths' hatred for surface-dwelling dwarves and elves. They did, however, have an underground kingdom called Ursadunthar, deep beneath the Spine of the World, until it fell to duergars from Gracklstugh in -1350 DR.[1]

Quaggoths fear no creature. Though they are dangerous hunters, they are just as often prey for other predators of the Underdark. Quaggoths can be trained as servants and guards if captured early.[citation needed]


Quaggoths are humanoids with long, shaggy, white hair covering their entire bodies. They wear no clothing, with the leaders of packs being the exception.[citation needed]

Warlike and vicious, they roam the Underdark looking for prey. Drow sometimes enslave them as guards and spider handlers. Quaggoths speak a halting form of Undercommon, and can grasp only simple concepts. More intelligent quaggoths may also speak a few words of Duergar, Drow, or Common.[citation needed]


Quaggoth tribes claim a certain territory as theirs and patrol it, hunting for food. Any detected animals or creatures (such as a party of adventurers) invite certain attack. Most tribes (70%) of quaggoths do not carry weapons, and attack with their claws. The remainder of quaggoth tribes carry stone clubs or axes. Those quaggoths which are or have been drow slaves carry superior weapons, such as steel battle axes or two-handed swords.[citation needed]


Quaggoths are nomadic hunters. They change territories periodically. In each new territory, they claim a central cave as a lair, leaving treasure with a few guards. The rest of the tribe hunts, returning periodically to rest and change guards.[citation needed]





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