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The Quallem family was a noble family of Dordrien in the area that later became Daggerdale.[1][2]


The head of the family was recognized to be Lady Quallem.[1]

Base of operationsEdit

As a noble family of Dordrien, the Quallem family resided near Dordrien Keep in the Dagger Hills.[2] The Quallem family's status among the nobles of Dordrien was significant enough for it to have a sizable crypt set aside for it only a few miles north of Dordrien Keep.[1]


Sometime after the fall of Jhaamdath in -255 DR,[3] a Jhaamdathan noble, Dordrien, founded a small enclave of survivors on the western slopes of the Dagger Hills. Although the realm lasted little more than a century before orc attacks spelled its demise, in that time the Quallem family managed to rise to a point of prominence that meant they were honored with a place in the Dordrien Crypts.[1][2]

During Lady Quallem's time as the head of the family, she had a son with some degree of skill as a wizard. Both of them were interred in the family vault.[4][1] However, Lady Quallem herself could not rest easy while her last descendant's body was not buried in the family tomb. Therefore she rose as a ghost and remained shackled to the family crypt, even as late as 1372 DR.[1]

Members (listing)Edit




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