Quaraband was the capital city of Yamun Khahan's empire.[1]


Quaraband was a tent city that did not have permanent structures. Because of this the exact location was never certain since the people of the steppes moved to accommodate their needs. However, Yamun's capital was located on the vast steppes of the Hordelands somewhere between the Kora Shan range and the northern fringes of Katakoro Shan.[1][2]


The location for Quaraband always possessed rich pastures for the Tuigan horses and other livestock, and easy access to the rivers and streams passing through the area.[1]

The only permanent structures were a pair of large stone lions that were gifts from the emperor of Shou Lung.[1]

The tents and yurts of the city were arranged according to the yurtchis—the city officials who were in charge of the camp. The yurts were placed according to station, water needs, and blood feuds.[1]


One of Yamun Khahan's favorite locations for his capital was a stretch of land that was several miles in diameter. This spot was a magic-dead area ever since the Time of Troubles, making it an ideal location for a city populated by people who were naturally superstitious about magic. This also prevented any sort of magical attacks.[1]

Because it was always placed on the open steppe, any enemy who wished to attack would have to travel across long distances where the Khahan's scouts would easily spot them and report their activity.[1]


Quaraband usually hosted 20,000 inhabitants, though that number rose quickly if the Khahan was in residence.[1]



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