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A Quarterstaff of Battle is a improved magic +3 Quarterstaff of Speed. It is immune to all slashing and piercing damage and gives the wielder a great bonus to his or her ability to disarm opponents, as though he or she had the Improved Disarm feat. The staff can be used up to three times per day to deflect medium-sized or smaller projectiles for twelve seconds, including ranged attacks from spells of level 2 or lower, provided they are aimed within five feet (1.5m) of the wielder. Once a day, the wielder can use the staff to make a "battlestrike" which is twice as powerful as a normal strike, or up to three times as powerful with a critical strike. This attack might stun or knock over the opponent. In addition, the staff can be used once a day to create a repulsion effect. It is worth around 160,000 gold pieces.


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