Quid was one of the lieutenants of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild in Skullport in 1479 DR.[1]


Quid grew up on the streets of Waterdeep, becoming an able thief before being recruited into the Xanathar's Guild. However, he took too many unnecessary risks and was being designated for assassination when the emergence of his arcane powers saved Quid's life. Instead the Xanathar put him to work repaying all his debts, a task that needed years before it could be accomplished.[1]

Over the years, Quid approached all the gamblers of the city, offering money in exchange for information, gaining a knowledge of all the illicit businesses in Waterdeep. In 1479 DR, Quid was chosen as one of the new guild's lieutenants. He also added new magical traps to many of the Xanathar's lairs.[1]


Quid supervised all the guild's activities involving magic, plus all gambling and smuggling operations. He also forged a bargain with some members of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors: protection in exchange for some rare magic items. He was an able gambler.[1]


Quid was one of the most flamboyant elves of the city. His charisma permitted him to turn enemies into friends. He gambled not for money but for the thrill of an honest victory. Quid took great pride in never cheating in his gambling. He preferred to be honest in all situations but was a very able liar if needed. For him, it was tremendous effort to pass up a game, especially if his opponent was someone who'd bested him in the past.[1]


Usually Quid frequented gaming houses in the North Ward of Waterdeep or in the Trades Ward.[1]


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