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Quimby's enchanting gourmet was an arcane conjuration spell dedicated to cooking and cleaning up a kitchen afterwards.[1][2]


It was a specialized version of the unseen servant spell, capable only of activities related to cooking and other kitchen tasks.[1][2]


The spell required a block of wood and some string as material components.[1][2]


Quimby, a mage of the city of Procampur in the the Vast, was a devoted gourmand but an impatient cook. For aid in meal preparation, Quimby modified the unseen servant spell to create Quimby's enchanting gourmet. Due to its narrow usefulness, it was not often studied by adventuring mages[1][2] and remained a rare spell into the 1360s DR.[3] It was more often used by sedentary or retired wizards and sages. Though it was incapable of brewing potions, it was sometimes put to use creating simple poisons, and once served as a bartender.[1][2]

A copy of Quimby's enchanting gourmet could be found in Jaluster's Orizon, the last traveling spellbook of the mage Jaluster (? – 882 DR).[2]

The spell was also stored in the Ring of Wayfaring, one of the Seven Lost Rings of Mhzentul (12501340 DR).[4]

This spell was likely one of a number found in the pamphlet "Volo's Guide to All Things Magical" published in 1359 DR, which detailed a number of forgotten spells, and quickly spread to the mages of the world.[5]


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