Quinan Varnaed was a slaver of Skullport and one of the founders of the Iron Ring.[1]


Quinan was a cruel and sadistic man but respected by all in the slave market of Skullport. He did not trust his yuan-ti co-leader, Zstulkk Ssarmn.[1]


Quinan grew up in a small village in Sembia, where his family treated him very poorly. He abandoned his family and joined the Zhentilar. After a terrible battle in which he was left dying, Quinan was saved by Loviatar.[2] Out of gratitude, Quinan joined the church of Loviatar and went first to Waterdeep, then later Skullport. In Skullport, Quinan offered his services to slavers, quickly entering the slave trade. In 1363 DR,[3] he convinced fellow slaver and yuan-ti abomination Zstulkk Ssarmn to found the Iron Ring Consortium. Quinan was the informal leader of the group. The only barrier to his complete takeover of the organization was Zstulkk, whom he kept at bay.[1]


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