The Quiver of Plenty was a magical quiver capable of producing an unlimited number of magical arrows.[note 1]


The history of the quiver of plenty was unknown, apparently forgotten by 1368 DR. However, it was thought to be related to the well documented but unexplainable shortage of skilled fletchers during the Time of Troubles of 1358 DR.

A quiver of plenty was found in an armoire in Watcher's Keep in Amn in 1368 DR.


Operating from Cespenar's Forge in the Abyssal Fortress, the imp Cespenar was able to upgrade a quiver of plenty +1 to a quiver of plenty +2 if given 10,000 gp and a rogue stone.


The quiver of plenty +1 created unlimited +1 arrows, while the quiver of plenty +2 created unlimited +2 arrows.[1]



  1. The quiver of plenty may be related to the similarly functioning Quiver of Anariel.


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