Quth-maren were undead creatures created from flayed corpses by clerics of Kiaransalee.[2]


With every scrap of skin flayed from their bodies and their exposed muscles incessantly oozing acidic blood, the quth-maren were hideous creatures. Unlike zombies, quth-maren did not decompose.[2]


Intelligent adversaries and vicious in groups, quth-maren had a number of abilities that made them disturbing opponents.

Caustic Blood
Constantly oozing acidic blood, any unarmed or natural attack that struck the quth-maren in melee would cause the acid to harm the attacker.[2]
Command Undead
In the same manner that an evil cleric could attempt to command undead, so to could a quth-maren.[2]
Fast Healing
A quth-maren could rapidly heal from wounds inflicted to it.[2]
Horrifying Gaze
Any living creature that came within 30 ft (9.1 m) of a quth-maren and met it baleful gaze risked simply cowering in fear at the sight of it.[2]
Spit blood
In addition to the caustic blood that oozed from its body, a quth-maren could expel a glob of this blood every so often causing it to splash over foes near where it landed.[2]


In 1372 DR, Dorina T'sarran seized control of Szith Morcane and ordered the priestesses of Lolth there to be flayed and transformed into quth-marens.[3]



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